There’s something unique about Dublin city that just can’t be explained with words. Which is why we decided that it would be better to show you…

What sets Dublin city apart? It’s a question Ireland’s authors, poets and artists have been trying to answer for years. Every Dubliner you ask will give you a different reason. That’s because Dublin is a multifaceted city. Around every corner you’ll find something new, any day of the year, any time of the day there’s something going on.

Guide to Dublin city in 60 Seconds The Bernard Shaw

It’s always better to show than tell, which is why we’ve collected 60 snapshots of the best things to do, see and experience in Dublin. We’ve captured one second of each of them to tell you the story of what Dublin is all about in one minute.

Guide to Dublin city in 60 Seconds The Phoenix Park

From wakeboarding in the centre of the city to mountain biking in nearby Ticknock and everything in between: live music, fresh food, modern art, ancient animals, kite-surfing, street performance, Segway tours, record shopping, urban farming, awesome architecture, river rafting and kayaking. This is a snapshot of Dublin city at its most alive.