Sustainable Dublin

Why Dublin for Sustainability?

As part of the Emerald Isle, Dublin is no exception in being green. We’re home to the world’s first carbon neutral convention centre and Europe’s most sustainable hotel. So having a green meeting is easy!

Fáilte Ireland upweights its financial support in favour of events that have content focused on sustainability or are delivered with sustainability at their core

Best Improved Destination Award

Dublin won the award for “Best Improved Destination” as part of the Meet in Ireland team in 2019 in recognition of the substantial work being done on our sustainability journey.

Green Tourism and Entertainment Award

We’re home to the world first purpose-built carbon neutral convention centre, which is also ISO 14001 accredited and won the Green Tourism and Entertainment Award, The Green Awards 2020.


Our last business tourism sustainability workshop was so impactful, we trended at number 1 on twitter in Ireland with our #MakeItGreen to share industry knowledge.

Global Destination Sustainability Index

Dublin was the first Irish city to join the Global Destination Sustainability Index. We debuted at 27th place in 2017 and jumped a massive 16 places in only 3 years to now rank at 11th in 2019!

Creative solutions to sustainability

The Iveagh Garden hotel in Dublin City Centre has an underground river which acts as a renewable hydro source meters below the hotel as an energy reserve for cooling + heating hotel without burning fuel.

Key areas to take into account when planning your meeting in Dublin

  • Walk or take public transport. The Luas, Dublin Bus and the Dart all run regularly to link up the city.
  • Dublin has a large taxi fleet that includes drivers using electric cars.
  • Dublin Bikes provide the option to cycle around the city; there are multiple stations across the city to pick up or drop off a bicycle.
Purchasing & Waste
  • Think Reduce-Reuse-Recycle for event materials and communications.
  • Keep it digital where you can – electronic invitations, registration, follow ups etc.
  • Use vegetable based inks, lightest possible weight paper and materials from recycled sources.
Food & Drink
  • Vegetarian and vegan options are more environmentally friendly and often tend to be cheaper, so make sure to incorporate some meat free options into your menu.
  • Tap water is a sustainable choice with no transportation or waste packaging. Use glasses and water jugs over single use plastic bottles.
  • Opt for local, seasonal and organic produce.
  • Choose ethical, eco and fair trade options.
  • Select local catering companies that have environmental credentials.
  • Plan functions to avoid disposable items (cups etc.) and avoid single use portion items (jams, sugars etc.)
  • Inform caters of the exact number of attendees to avoid waste, and offer half portions for children.
Venues & Accommodation
  • Stay in close proximity to the event venue.
  • Choose accommodation providers that have an environmental certification.
  • Choose an event venue that has an environmental certification.
  • Ensure that accommodation options are within walking distance to the event or have good public transportation links.
Support the Local Community

Leftover Food

Food Cloud will take donations of excess food from events, who will collect the food on site at no extra cost and arrange for distribution to appropriate charities.

More Information:

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